Stretch-n-Grow Wilmington NC - Fabulously Fun Fitness for Happy, Healthy Kids
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of Wilmington & Southeastern NC...
the Fabulously Fun Fitness Program for Children!
Stretch-n-Grow is the World's Largest Network of Children's Fitness Professionals. Stretch-n-Grow of Wilmington & Southeastern NC has been committed to promoting physical fitness in preschoolers and elementary-aged children since 2001... that's 17 years of "teaching children to exercise and to love it!"  We currently teach over 400 children in over 30 childcare centers per week!
See for yourself what makes STRETCH-N-GROW the World’s Leading Fitness Program for Children!  Schedule a FREE DEMO CLASS today!

How does Stretch-n-Grow benefit caregivers and kids???
  • Our fitness instructors are Certified Youth Fitness Professionals with training and ongoing education in childhood physical education.
  • Proven curriculum AND fitness activities that kids love!
  • Themed activities incorporate cardiovascular, strength and flexibility into every workout.
  • No waiting in line—100% of the kids MOVE 100% of the class.
  • No traveling.  No hassles.  We bring the fun to you!
  • Girls and Boys LOVE Stretch-n-Grow!!!
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