Stretch-n-Grow - Fabulously Fun Fitness for Happy, Healthy Kids
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of Wilmington & Southeastern NC...
the Fabulously Fun Fitness Program for Children!
Stretch-n-Grow is the World's Leading Fitness Program for Children. Stretch-n-Grow of Wilmington & Southeastern NC has been committed to promoting physical fitness in preschoolers and elementary-aged children since 2001... that's 11 years of "teaching children to exercise and to love it!"
Here’s how adding Stretch-n-Grow to your program can enhance your childcare facility's curriculum:
  • Our fitness instructors are Certified Youth Fitness Professionals with specific training and ongoing education in childhood physical education.
  • Themed activities incorporate cardiovascular, strength and flexibility into every workout.
  • Proven curriculum AND over 100 routines that kids love!
  • No waiting in line—100% of the kids MOVE 100% of the class time.
  • No traveling.  No liability.  No hassles for your childcare center staff.
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